MAdison Robertson - The Photographer 

Hi there! I'm Madi (or to other people Madison, Bear, Madi Bear, Mads). I'm a photographer, animal lover, and PhD student at Queen's University. Thank you so much for visiting my page!

A little about me, I LOVE photography. I was first enticed during my grade 11 photography course, and since then haven't put a camera down. I am always looking to further my training, experience and expand my knowledge and expertise. At Queen's University in Kingston, I work in the Health Quality Department, studying various healthcare issues in the world. Balancing that, work, and photography keeps me busy. But, I love every minute of it. I love meeting new people, petting animals, watching grey's anatomy, playing sports, eating pasta, and enjoying anything fall related! I am currently living in Kingston, but spend my time between here, Gananoque, and Belleville. 

My family is incredibly important to me. I have five dogs, a cat named Carlos, and a great support system. My parents are my world. I grew up with my mom ALWAYS taking pictures of me, whether it was my first day of school, holidays, sports games, or just another Tuesday. She helped introduce and drive my love for photography. My dad was my number one supporter in my sports career growing up, and has been a huge role model as a manager and leader! 

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I always try to live a healthy, active lifestyle. In my free time I love hiking, playing hockey, soccer and volleyball. My boyfriend and I love to stay active, whether it is on our ball hockey team, going to the bouldering gym in Kingston, or when I am teaching him how to snowboard. I also think its incredibly important to support and promote mental health in our society. In the future, I hope to use photography to help shed light on some of the stigma that shadows mental health issues. One of my ultimate goals is that my photography can help people be more comfortable in their own skin, and inspire others to follow their passion and hobbies! I recently started a blog to share these ideas and hopefully inspire others.

Last, but never least, I have an incredible love and appreciation for nature, the outdoors, and our earth. I love to be outside, and it can instantly brighten my mood.  I hope my photography can take me, and my clients, to exciting new places! I have always loved traveling, and it has taken me coast to coast in Canada, as well as Barbados, Italy, Austria, Hungry, and others. While I love to travel, I am equally happy sitting at home, curled in a blanket with my cat, while watching a movie. As long as I have an animal to pet, some chocolate to eat, and maybe a coffee in my hand I will be happy. Ultimately, I want others to be happy as well, and thats a huge reason why I started my journey in becoming a photographer. 

Fun Facts

+ My boyfriend, friends, family, cat, and 4 puppy dogs are my life. If I’m not taking photos, catch me hanging with them +

+ I have 5 tattoos, much to the sadness of my mom +

+ I have re-watched friends, the office, and grey’s anatomy over 4 times each +

+ I run my own macrame and decor business called “Creations by Madii” which you can take a look at by clicking right Here +

+ I played a lot of competitive sports growing up, including rep hockey, soccer, and rugby. I tried out for the provincial level in hockey and rugby, and played in the Ontario Winter Games for hockey +

+ I’m lactose intolerant, but still really love pizza and chocolate +