The Pets

One thing I don't get to share a lot on my social media accounts is the work I do with animals. If you know me just a tiny bit, you know I am obsessed with pets. I have 5 dogs and a kitten (who's is basically my son) and have an elaborate plan to own goat and a pig named bacon in the future. So, it only seemed absolutely necessary to allow pets into all of my photoshoots. From shooting adorable puppies, kittens, horses, and even a guinea pig, I continue to fulfill my lifelong goal of petting all animals in the world.


There is a special place in my heart for people who seek out my photography services for portraits of their pets

I have a soft spot for animals, there's no doubting that. I recently shared that I have been working on a project this past year with the Gananoque Humane Society. Being a smaller town, they do not have as many donations or support for their shelter. I have recently taken over helping update their website and taking pictures of all of their adorable animals. It has been shown that having more professional photos of animals assists in getting them adopted. If I can do a small part in helping these adorable little fur babies, I will. Plus, I get to spend hours playing with them so who is the real winner here? I absolutely love shooting kittens and cats... they are a lot more docile than dogs, and actually manage to stay still for more than two seconds. Plus, the little "click" of the camera captures their attention, making for the purrffeccttt picture. 

One of my favourite parts of capturing animals, is getting them in action. Shooting pets takes special techniques, tricks, and a bit of patience. It's a good thing they are so cute! Whenever I go into a session with animals, I always suggest brining a favourite toy or treat, because nothing gets a better reaction from your pup than when you pull out their favourite toy or a bone smeared with peanut butter (YUM)!


Capturing the moments between humans and their pets are some of my favourite shots. There is something incredible authentic and special about these images, when you can see the love that these animals have for their humans. Like humans, you can see the emotion in an animal's face, eyes, and body movements. You can see the wrinkles on their skin, and the colours of their fur. You can see the reflection of their eyes, the softness of their hair, and the excitement in their smiles. It is magical.